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Borneo Dura

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Borneo Water Base is intended for surface treatment of parquet and other type of wood floors. Water Base is a one-component polyurethane finish.Cross linking is achieved using the oxygen in the air-no mixing and no no cross linker containing harmful solvents. It has virtually no smell so sensitive customers won’t get up set. Even grown-up hippies and other environmentally aware customers will like Water Base because it contains a large proportion of vegetable oil and is water-borne.
Borneo Water Base gives excellent wear,scratch and scuff resistance and a good resistance to common household chemicals.


A floor treated with Borneo Water Base may be cleaned using a damp cloth or special wipe with a neutral cleaning agent,e.g.Parkett cleaner,added to the cleaning water.Freshen up is intended for the maintenance of finished hardwood floors coated with Water base.
Repeat the treatment with Freshen up as necessary.For floors in homes once or twice a year is usually enough.Floors exposed to very heavy wear may need to be treated more frequently.

Time Allowed

Allow 3-5 working days for an area of 1000 sq.feet

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