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Borneo Dura Plus SP

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Borneo Water Base Plus SP is intended for surface treatment of wooden floors in commercial areas exposed to very high wear. Customers hardly notice the finish is there. Water Base Plus SP is the most matt finish we’ve ever produced so the wood shows,not the reflections.Wear doesn’t show either. Water Base Plus SP  offers years of protection and virtually no regular maintenance required apart from cleaning. Water Base Plus SP is a two-component waterborne 100% polyurethane finish. It has virtually no smell so sensitive customers won’t get up set.
Borneo Water Base Plus SP has an extremely high resistance to wear and scuffmarks and a high resistance to chemicals commonly used in commercial buildings.


A floor treated with Borneo Water Base Plus PS may be cleaned using a damp cloth or special wipe with a neutral cleaning agent, e.g. Parkett cleaner, added to the cleaning water. Freshen up is intended for the maintenance of finished hardwood floors coated with Water Base Plus SP.
Repeat the treatment with Freshen up as necessary.For floors in commercial area once or twice a year is usually enough. Floors exposed to very heavy wear may need to be treated more frequently.

Time Required

Allow 3-5 working days for an area of 1000 sq.feet

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